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Tutoring Philosophy

Our priority is our students, and every decision that we make as educators is driven by that priority in order to provide our students with the best opportunity for success.

Our drive to provide each student with the best opportunity for success embodies our values:


We vehemently believe in open and honest dialogue between all parties in the educational process. We want to help and support our students to the fullest, and the more that we know, the better we can tailor our approach and teaching methods to meet the student’s needs, and prepare for their lessons. That goes for us as well, as we will always provide our honest and frank analysis of a student’s strengths and weaknesses, what habits of mind should be continued, the excellence a student exhibits, and strategies for improvement. We are on our students side, and remain dedicated throughout our work.


We are committed to each of our students personally. In that vein, we will do whatever is necessary to provide our students with the best opportunity for academic success. We will work diligently to provide the best lessons, to accommodate everyone’s schedules, and will prepare outside of our lessons at no additional cost to the student. Teaching is our passion, and our dedication is driven out of that passion. And we hope that our students will be equally as dedicated to working diligently, communicating openly, and striving to generate their opportunities for success. It is a commitment between student and tutor.


With our love for teaching and dedication to our work, we are committed to helping our students create their best opportunities for success in their academic endeavors. We will work hard and do what we need to do to help our students achieve their success. And we ask the same in return of our students, standing by the side of and supporting student so they can. We are truly committed to the whole student.

The Whole Student

To be sure, in education, learning, examining, and questioning the subject material and discipline specific skills introduced is of paramount importance. However, for us, the educational process does not end at that water’s edge. We focus on the whole student, and take time to examine study skills, learning strategies, habits of mind, attitude, and learning environment, and work with the student to better the skills that are working and create new ones to help foster the best possible opportunity for success. It is a continuous process of reflection, examination, and fine-tuning that we hope will be benefit the student even after our work is completed.

Life Long Learning

We embody life long learning. Everyone at Quantum Prep views themselves as perpetual students, striving to learn something new about our subject specific disciplines, education, and the world around us. We remain up-to-date in our fields, reading the latest journals, literature, reviewing current textbooks, and participating in discussions with our colleagues. We love to learn just as much as we love to teach! And, through that love, we strive to instill in all of our students a want to continue to learn throughout their lives.

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