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ACT Test Preparation

Goal-oriented ACT Prep program customized by real teachers to address each student’s individual strengths and needs.

Our unique, targeted approach focuses preparation on the subject areas where the most efficient gains can be made.

ACT Test Prep

Quantum Prep works with students to develop the requisite math, English, reading, science and writing skills needed for success, while helping students to master test-taking techniques proven to improve scores by reducing common errors and creating better opportunities to select correct answers.

  • We Come to Your Preferred Study Location
  • Offer Flexible Scheduling to Meet Your Needs
  • Evaluate and Analyze the Student’s Skills and Goals
  • Establish a Realistic Timetable
  • Develop Customized Learning and Lesson Plans
  • Deliver Well Paced, One-on-One Targeted Instruction
  • Help Students Master Test-Taking Techniques
  • Evaluate and Report Progress
  • Conduct Student – Parent Conferences


When to Begin Preparing for the ACT

High school students generally take the ACT exam sometime during their junior year. While many students begin formal ACT Prep in their sophomore year, it is highly recommended that students attempt a formal assessment of skills at least 3 months prior to their first attempt.

Quantum Prep offers personalized, ACT test prep services to students throughout the calendar year.

In-School ACT Prep Programs

Quantum Prep provides custom SAT and ACT Prep programs for Massachusetts and Connecticut public and private high schools.

Courses are taught on campus, during the school day, as part of the standard curriculum. These very affordable and effective programs are specifically designed to support the individual student as well as the school’s college preparatory goals.

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ACT Registration and Test Dates

The ACT test dates are offered in September, October, December, February, April, June and July. You must register for an exam a month prior to test date. Late registration is available but requires and additional fee. Upcoming ACT Test Dates.

About the ACT

Now mandatory in more than a half a dozen states and preferred in over a dozen, the ACT is an increasingly popular alternative and/or supplementary college admissions exam.

In 2011 the ACT surpassed the SAT in number of total test takers. The test covers English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing (Optional). This test is very different than the SAT and test taking techniques are exponentially more important to success.

Introduced in 1959, by University of Iowa professor E.F. Lindquist, the ACT is focused more on directly measuring a student’s grasp of the subject matter taught in high school as opposed to gauging their aptitude for transitioning that knowledge to academic success at the university level.

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