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College Campus Visit Checklist

We invest hundreds of hours in online research, reading pamphlets and hearing what our teachers, peers, family and friends all think about their favorite schools.

To get the most out of your college visits, students need to use a college campus visit checklist.


Free Basic College Campus Visit Checklist

Choosing the right college is one of the most important steps we take in life, and no amount of research can replace the actual experience of a real campus visit. It is arguably the most underrated but most important part of the college admissions process.

A great campus checklist not only helps you to better prepare for your campus visits, but serves as your guide map and itinerary while on campus, and includes a rating system that allows you to objectively compare the schools you visited when the time comes to make that big decision.
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Free Customized College Campus Visit Checklist

If you are Boston area student or plan to attend a Boston area college or university, we would you like to offer you a free customized college visit checklist from one of our qualified College Admissions Consultants?
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