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Choosing the Best Test Prep Program for You

In our effort to create the most effective test prep programs possible, we analyzed dozens of private and commercial test prep and tutoring services and discovered 3 key similarities between programs that really worked.

Best Test Prep Services

Standardized tests are a critical part of the college admissions process. In Boston alone, there are literally dozens of test prep companies and hundreds of independent tutors offering one-on-one or private test prep services.

So, what do the best test prep programs have in common?


1-No Standardized Programs

Standardized programs mean standard results. No one program can do a great job for every student. Besides, if a student was getting the results they wanted from standard techniques, chances are you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Quantum Prep only offers individual instruction employing targeted teaching methodologies and custom learning plans developed for each individual student. 

2-No Pre-Built Packages

Most test prep services offer big hourly packages that promise increasingly incredible results the more you buy. How can they possibly know what you need before you’ve even met?

Quantum Prep looks realistically at your skills, your goals and your deadlines and only then prescribes the frequency and duration of the training you will need to accomplish your goals. 

3-No Deceptive Point Guarantees

That’s right, no point guarantees!

Why? Because, these numbers are deceptive and most guarantees are bogus.

First, exams are structured on a bell curve. For example, the amount of preparation needed to advance a student’s SAT score from a 450 to a 550 is significantly less than advancing a student from a 650 to a 750.

So how could the same program deliver the same results to completely different students? It can’t.

So, while Quantum Prep students improve their scores on average by 28.25%, this number means absolutely nothing when comparing services because it’s relative to the test type, the initial student score and the amount of preparation. On the other hand, a number you can compare is our 98.7% client satisfaction rating.

Second, companies trying to attract you with point guarantees usually only offer free additional training when they fail (read the fine print). But what good is more ineffectual teaching, especially when you’ve already taken the test?

Quantum Prep guarantees that we will not lock you into a long-term contract, that we will earn your confidence every day with the quality of our instruction, the tangible results of our frequent evaluations and the dedication of our teachers and staff.

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