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Burning the Holiday Candle at Both Ends

Last Updated on December 14, 2016
Solomon Berman

Holding Candle Burning at Both EndsHolidays are tough!

The endless get-togethers, crowded malls, picking up relatives from the airport…oh wait…and then there is school.

While all these things and more are happening, parents often forget this is the hardest time of the year for students.

Whether you’re preparing for high school midterms, college finals, trying to squeeze in some SAT test prep studying or getting ready for the start of the new semester, there is never more demand on a student’s time than during the holidays.

Make no mistake, when it comes to academic achievement, time is always the enemy. In general, we all know that students have far more demand on their time than they did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago.

So what is the solution?

In a recent poll, one of the top reasons students sought the services of a private tutor or teacher was the time savings.

Tutoring? Wait a minute. Isn’t that just something for students with learning disabilities or trust funds?

When I decided to start Quantum Prep, I was both actively teaching, and practicing as a theoretical chemist. In discussing the idea with one of my labmates, he simply shook his head at me, and extolled, “I don’t get why anyone would pay for a tutor. I certainly wouldn’t. I’d just sit down and work until I figured it out on my own.“

When I heard his response, I just blinked.

Think about the people that you admire and feel are the epitome of success. Athletes, actors, musicians, company leaders, and even your parents, they all have had someone teach, coach, and mentor them along their path to success.

Most professionals, especially in this day and age, employee numerous one-on-one teachers, coaches, personal trainers etc…

In a time where time is the most important commodity, obstacle and asset, learning more, efficiently and effectively is paramount to success.

The best students are no different. They understand the value and time saving proposition a truly exceptional one-on-one educator provides. They understand that life has evolved and requires demands heretofore unfathomable demands on our time.

So how does effective tutoring work?

  1. Time. It takes significantly more time to learn anything by oneself, than with an experienced teacher. It’s why apprenticeships were the primary form of learning the most complex crafts and concepts for thousands of years.
  2. Efficacy. A student can learn skills and concepts far more efficiently, and retain them for much longer. Multiple studies across many decades have confirmed this axiom.
  3. Specialized Roadmap. While there are no shortcuts, within each student lays their own best route to knowledge. A learned educator can arrive at knowledge from many directions. An effective tutor studies the student and creates a specialized map that brings the student to their destination in the most efficient and effective manner possible,

We all want the best outcomes for ourselves, and our children. We want the students that we care about to be successful in the classroom and in life, and not fall behind academically or socially.

Burning the candle at both ends? That’s on a good day. Today’s students are burning it on both ends, up the middle and around the sides. These are the demands of modern life. This is the reality of both our present and our future.

Time is the problem, and oddly enough the solution is almost as old as time itself.

Effective tutoring!

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