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College Bound? Don’t get Stiffed on a Higher Education

Last Updated on March 9, 2020
Solomon Berman

College Counseling
Quantum Prep is proud to announce the addition of College Admissions Counseling, sometimes known as College Coaching or Consulting, to its list of world class services.


Why would a community of teachers whose focus is on the development and execution of Personalized Tutoring and Test Preparation programs get involved with admissions counseling?

The answer is easy. Our dedication to “The Whole Student” and “Life Long Learning” makes Admissions Counseling a natural extension of our mandate.

To help students achieve their education goals includes helping them to find, prepare for and get accepted to the higher education institution best suited to their success.

So what are we doing now that we haven’t been doing already?

It’s true; Quantum Prep has been unofficially offering College Admissions Counseling related assistance for years. What we’ve learned is, no matter how well meaning we are, no matter how experienced we are at teaching, nothing can match the effectiveness of a dedicated, certified admissions counselor.

This year Quantum Prep interviewed dozens of qualified, experienced IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association) and NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counseling) certified counselors. The selection process was based not only on the counselor’s training, methodology and success rate, but also on how closely their philosophy fell in line with our own.

In the end, we felt only a select few were truly qualified to work with our students. We are very excited and very proud of our new service associates and look forward to speaking to you more about them and their impending success with our own students over the coming year.

So, why do you need College Admissions Counseling?

Just look at some of these recent stories in the news:

The reasons are fairly obvious. The difficult and daunting task of finding colleges that “fit” the student, the ever-growing complexities of the application process for both the student and parents, the hidden agendas of admission boards, and of course, the pressure of everything you have at stake all make College Admissions Counseling an attractive and often necessary choice.

Program highlights include:

Initial Evaluation

  • Analyze Academic and Testing Records
  • Analyze Extracurricular Activities and Interests
  • Assess Candidate’s Knowledge of College/University Types and Options
  • Assess Candidate’s Collegiate Short-Term and Long-Term Objectives

College Targeting

  • Identify Candidate’s Personal and Academic Strengths
  • Identify Candidate’s Financial Goals
  • Develop Comprehensive List of “Best-Fit” Colleges

Admissions Preparation

  • Develop High School Academic and Extracurricular Plan
  • Develop Recommendation Letters Strategies and Goals

Admissions Process

  • Assist with—
    • Application Forms and Procedures
    • Application Essays
    • Campus Visits
    • Admissions Interviews
    • Cost and Financial Assistance Planning

For years you have trusted Quantum Prep with your teaching and test preparation needs. Now, we are ready to not just get you ready for the big game, but take you in for the score!

Contact Quantum Prep at [email protected] today to schedule a consultation with one of our talented College Admissions Counselors.

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