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COVID-19: Send QP Your Questions!

COVID-19 will profoundly change how students attend school next year. The list of questions grows each day, and too many families find themselves without even the basic answers to plan for the future.

We want to get those answers into the hands of as many families as we can. Now is the time to empower all of our students, so that they can go on to achieve true success in the classroom.


A New Collection of COVID-19 Resources

Quantum Prep’s faculty and staff are so pleased to now offer a growing, comprehensive collection of COVID-19 related resources that every student and family may easily access through the QP website.

Ask Us Your Questions!

Do you still have a question that hasn’t been answered? Use the tool on this page to ask QP your question directly! We will send a reply to your question directly to your e-mail address. And if you’d prefer to chat for a few minutes about your questions, be sure to include your telephone number.

Please know that we will do our very best to help answer your questions.  Bear in mind that some questions may be rather specific in nature (for example, relating to a specifically defined situation), and that there are instances where a definitive answer does not yet exist.

Also, we ask for your patience in our reply should there be a high volume of questions submitted.

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