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Dying to Win

Last Updated on March 9, 2020
Annalisa Divito

Amazon HalloweenOur congratulations and a $50 Amazon gift card goes out to one of our current students, Mimi Sax!

In an effort to learn more about how our students and their families feel about their experiences with Quantum Prep, we launched our 5 for $50 campaign asking you to answer 5 questions about your Quantum Prep tutoring experience in exchange for a chance to win $50.

While Mimi won the $50, we are all winners. A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated. Your information helps Quantum Prep to ensure that the quality of service we have provided and continue to provide remains unparalleled in the teaching and tutoring industry.

Here’s what we’ve learned about your Quantum Prep Experience:

  • 100% of Quantum Prep Students and 100% of Quantum Prep Parents reported that they would recommend our service to a friend.
  • 100% of Students reported that Quantum Prep definitely helped them to improve their grades.
    • Student’s grades were reported to have improved an average of 1.3 letter grades.

Why you ultimately selected Quantum Prep?

  • 50% based on the strength of the recommendation from friends and teachers.
  • 50% based on the quality of Quantum Prep’s tutors and teachers.

We’re happy to see the impact we’ve made on our students and their families. For us, that’s what teaching is all about!

We will do our very best to keep up the good work and, with your support, continue to help students realize their fullest potential.

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New Rewards Program

If you didn’t participate in the 5 for $50 contest, you missed some incredibly valuable information about our new rewards program.

If you’d like to learn more, write us directly at [email protected] with the “New Rewards Program” in the subject line.

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