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Do I need a College Admissions Consultant?

Last Updated on March 9, 2020
Solomon Berman

For years our Boston area tutoring and SAT prep students have asked our advice on just about every aspect of college admissions for universities both in and outside Massachusetts.

And while our “Whole Student” philosophy has enabled us to help many with their specific requests, we knows that there is simply no substitute for the dedicated and focused experience of a qualified College Admissions Consultant. We also know that choosing the right College Admissions Consultant is as important as choosing the right tutor.

Therefore, this year Quantum Prep sought out and interviewed some of the best college admissions consultants (college coaches) in and around the Boston area in the hope that by learning a little more about them, their process, philosophy and results, you’ll be able to make the most effective choice possible. We hope you enjoy this new series!

College Admissions Consultant Peter Wright: Peter is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association with nearly 20 years professional experience in both teaching and counseling. Peter holds a B.S. in Political Science, a Masters (MAT) in Teaching, an Ed.S in School Counseling and an Ed.S in Mental Health Counseling.

Let’s get right to it, Do you think all students need the help of an admissions consultant?

There are certainly some students who are terrifically well organized and have clear objectives regarding their search for colleges. But, for most students, their many commitments and responsibilities leave little time. The search process requires a significant time commitment beginning in sophomore year. An admission consultant helps create a sense of balance – providing useful insight and direction throughout the process.

Which student do you consider your greatest success and why?

A few years ago, I began working with a student who was taking classes at a community college. He had struggled through high school and was, for the most part, unmotivated and directionless. I encouraged him to apply to four year colleges and live on campus to develop his independence. His grades improved immeasurably and he was accepted at every school to which he applied. Currently a junior at a Massachusetts state university, he is majoring in graphic design and computer programming. It just goes to prove it’s never too late!

As an admissions consultant, do you ever recommend Tutoring or Test Prep for students and why?

Yes, I regularly encourage students to consider tutoring, test preparation assistance, or both. Colleges are looking for students who have engaged in a rigorous academic experience. One’s academic achievement is perhaps the most important determining factor for college admissions.

At what age or grade do you think students should start working with an admissions consultant?

Although every student is different in that each has a diverse set of skills, achievements, and intangibles, generally one should start working with an admissions consultant at some point during their sophomore year. This way, the consultant can start making recommendations not only regarding potential schools, but also recommendations regarding course work as well as other pertinent educational and extra-curricular contexts such as summer internships, work, etc.

If you could give students only one piece of advice regarding college admissions, what would it be?

Most of my students receive acceptance letters from numerous colleges. Most feel a tremendous amount of pressure to make “the right” decision regarding their final choice. In fact, students’ and their families seem to stress more about which offer to accept, than if they’ll be accepted at all. My one piece of advice is not to stress too much on your final choice of where to attend. Make the best choice for you and your family, and let the experience dictate your next move. Changing majors, campuses or even schools is not uncommon and more possible than ever. Growth and change are what college is about; relax and embrace it!

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