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Student of the Month-Newton South High School

Last Updated on December 14, 2016
Solomon Berman

Student of the MonthLast week in Quantum Prep’s inaugural newsletter, we introduced our Teacher of the Month series.

We feel that it is important for our students and families to get to know us, our personal journeys through education and the forces that shaped us into becoming the teachers we are today.

As teachers, we know that real mentoring, the underlying mantra of Quantum Prep, happens not by lecturing from a soapbox, but by sharing of both knowledge and experience.

In the spirit of sharing we introduce our Student of the Month series. This series gives us all the opportunity to get to know our students better. What are their fears, their challenges and their triumphs?

If you’re a teacher, you already know how wonderful, complex, determined and amazing our students are?

If you’re a parent, you may learn more about the challenges of a being a modern student, the innate pressure, the incredible level of competition and the outright struggle students have trying to find their own path, their own passion.

If you’re a student, you may see a little bit of yourself. You may see that you are not alone; that you are connected in your struggle and in your concerns of the moment and for the future.

We, of course, omit any personally identifying information (ie XXXXX) in order to protect our students. If you are a former or current Quantum Prep student and would like to tell your story, go to:

About Our Student: A 2013 Junior at Newton South High School in Newton, Massachusetts

“Newton South is a competitive environment.

The average student receives around two-three hours of homework per night. In Honors Chemistry, we received at least an hour a night. There are 20 or 22 students per class at Newton South High School.

Outside of studying, I also play sports and volunteer, so I had little free time away from all work. I play XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX, volunteer at a school in XXXXXXX after school once a week and volunteer at XXXXXXXXXXXX at least once a week. The workload I receive nightly interferes with all the activities I participate in outside of studying, and Newton South’s workload is a lot when added to all of this.

I sought the help of a tutor because I felt I was (figuratively) failing myself as a student by not living up to my parents’ and teacher’s expectations. My teacher in Newton South did not do an effective job teaching our class the necessary material, but Solomon Berman resolved this problem. The textbook, from the Boston University undergraduate Chemistry course, was not meant for a sophomore honors class. Though the textbook was a problem, I thought my classroom teacher would be able to clarify the ideas in the textbook. I thought wrong, and that’s when I knew I needed tutoring.

Quantum Prep made an easily noticeable difference in my grade. I developed better study habits, which further increased my test and homework grades. Though I had never felt too comfortable taking tests, Quantum Prep gave me that extra boost of confidence I needed in order to do well.

For both SAT preparation and Honors Chemistry tutoring, my teacher made our sessions enjoyable. I felt I developed a strong connection with my teacher, and his teaching strategy went along well with how I best learn. My teacher and I had a few disagreements about the work, but in the end those problems were resolved. My teacher was, and is, the most knowledgeable person I’d ever met in every field from SATs to Chemistry and more. I could only wish to have such a teacher in my school.

Without looking too far ahead, after I graduate from Newton South, I plan on going to a prestigious college. As of now I am uncertain as to which field of study I will go into, and furthermore am unsure about my future vocation.”

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