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Quantum Prep 3.0

Last Updated on March 9, 2020
William Roberts

“From the inception of Quantum Prep we’ve wanted to take advantage of the power of the latest technology to complement our educational focus. We knew that every opportunity we could seize upon to save the time of our students, our parents and our teachers would mean more time for what’s important, the time spent focusing on educational goals.”

Lots of people can come up with great ideas but the real challenge is to implement them effectively and in a highly usable manner, this takes careful thought, planning and execution (history is rife with examples of Edison’s “99% perspiration” axiom).

Students and parents spot us on Twitter (@Quantum_Prep), find us through Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/QuantumPrep ), read reviews about us Yelp (https://www.yelp.com/biz/quantum-prep-boston-2) and numerous other sites. All of these connections allow us to reach out to our core constituency, our students and their supporters (a student’s educational stakeholders). But, no matter how people find us, they eventually end up on our website.

As the face of Quantum Prep our website serves as a valuable way for our students to get to know us, to understand our philosophy and, most importantly, find the help they are looking for.

Students and parents using our website can discover on their terms what makes our tutoring service uniquely effective, what kinds of test prep service do we provide, what we mean by college admission consulting, read other student and parent experiences, find out how to quickly contact us or get a quote, whether we have tutors in Boston, Concord, Cambridge or any other area, giving them the best chance to make the right choice for their needs.

That website began, rather humbly, in the summer of 2011 as a simple hand-crafted HTML template. That site was updated, upgraded and expanded frequently to answer questions about where we worked (from Southern New Hampshire to Brookline) to what subjects we were tutoring (you’ll note the abundance of chemistry books in our publicity photos reflected throughout the website). This worked well to inform students and interested parents who heard about Quantum Prep but it wasn’t as interactive as we wanted it to be, at least not yet.

For months now the “workshop” has been busy creating a whole new website from the ground up. Much of the valuable older information has been updated, expanded and refreshed. We’ve had an eye toward telling visitors of our website about what makes Quantum Prep great with the same class and style our tutors exhibit as they work with students. Ultimately we hope that this new look and design helps our future students get to know us and our mission: to help every student achieve their educational goals, whatever their challenges might be.

It doesn’t stop with our public website, though. On the other side of the wall, behind-the-scenes, we’ve also been making progress.

We’ve always endeavored to keep our administrative tasks to a minimum and our student focus to a maximum. Our teachers keep their files up to date using our internal website. With password protection, secure-encrypted communication we are careful to keep every student record as secure as possible. Our custom internal website acts as the hub of operations for our team of tutors and administrative staff. Like the magic of Disney Land, it may be invisible to the public-eye, but this system keeps our focus on students finding academic success.

As we continue to expand our services to new areas (welcome South Shore!) we are continuing to find ways to take advantage of technology to improve every aspect of our service. Everything from accepting online payments to connecting our students with most helpful resources available online.

Ultimately, our hope is to see our students succeed and using technology to accomplish that is just one way we can keep our teaching exceptional.

Watch this newsletter and our other social media for the big release date.

Have an idea about how we can make education easier, more effective or more entertaining for you? We’d love to hear about it. Send your thoughts and ideas to [email protected]

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