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Summer 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented remarkable challenges for the education of every student.

With schools closed and virtual learning the only possible way to interact, we all were forced to completely change how to learn, how to teach, and how to achieve success.


A Different Kind of Academic Program

We have been working on a new academic program specifically for today’s students and the unique situation around us. Our tutors have done away with “normal,” and created inspired new teaching methods and a modernized, focused curriculum. The program has at its core two learning objectives: putting students back on course with their education, and preparing them for the courses they will take when school begins again. And, naturally, we made sure that we will continue to address the individual needs of each student…it’s something that is infused in everything we do.

Getting Back on Track, Preparing for the Challenge

For the Summer 2020 term, the new academic program will join our Test Prep and Admissions Consulting Programs.

The most popular test prep programs, SAT Prep and ACT Prep, are open for enrollment. Simply fill out the Request a QP Tutor form to get started.

Be One of the First to Hear the News

As the summer term approaches, we will regularly release much more information about the new academic program, the Summer 2020 term’s tuition and policies, and answers to often asked questions.

So, would you like to continue to learn more about the Summer 2020 programs? Or share with us an interest in one of our programs?

Just fill out the simple and quick form to the right, and we will be sure that you are one of the first to hear about every development.

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