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Student of the Month-Newton South High School

Last week in Quantum Prep’s inaugural newsletter, we introduced our Teacher of the Month series. We feel that it is important for our students and families to get to...

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“I Don’t Read the Book! I Just Do The Homework Problems In It!” – Re-looking at the Textbook, and How to Read a STEM Textbook

I always look for feedback as a teacher. Its importance cannot be underestimated. I want to hear back from my students, from parents, from other teachers, from anyone in...

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The How To Guide to Finding and Choosing The Right Tutor For You

In my last blog posting, Should I Even Get A Tutor?, I made an initial case for why everyone ought to consider retaining a good tutor for their academic...

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The Lost Step in Solving Physics (and Chemistry) Problems

I’d like to think that this posting was inspired by one of my brothers, but he is just the third student of mine to have made one of the...

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