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Test Taking Anxiety: Succeeding on Test Day

Five Ways to Reduce Test Taking Anxiety, and to Stay Focused and Positive Testing Anxiety. Anxiety that takes over while taking a test. Test Taking Anxiety. Anxiety that builds...

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Quantum Prep to offer HSPT Prep Courses at Austin Prep

Quantum Prep, in collaboration with Austin Preparatory School, is offering a series of HSPT Preparatory Courses for 7th and 8th grade students on the Austin Prep campus in Reading,...

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Student of the Month (Brookline High School)

| Quantum Prep

This month we continue our Student of the Month series. This series gives us all the opportunity to get to know our students better. What are their fears, their...

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Recipe for Success

Our Holiday Recipe for Successful Test Taking Holidays are a great time of year to share and try new recipes. So what could be more fitting than a recipe...

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What’s Bloom Got To Do With It? Studying to Answer the Right Exam Questions

Last semester, I wrote several articles about studying for exams, a highlight being The Art of Studying Effectively. After meeting with one of my students last week, I met,...

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Should I Even Get A Tutor?

If you are reading this blog entry, chances are high that you are thinking about getting a tutor. Perhaps for yourself. Or maybe for your child. And, if I...

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Improving How We Take Exams

I don’t think I can recall a single instance, in any class, whether in elementary school, high school, college, or graduate school, where there was a discussion on how...

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