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Tech Corner v.1.0

Last Updated on December 14, 2016
William Roberts

Ghost ComputerQ: I recently went to read your blog and noticed the domain name changed from to, is this some sort of Halloween gag?

A: Don’t worry, nothing spooky going on here. Our primary domain is still and you can keep going there to access all our tutoring and test prep news and information.

We use as a development area. The website is, for the most part, a copy of our main tutoring website, but it is also where we preview new content, try new designs and develop and test new website features and functions for our staff, students and parents.

Once we perfect something on, we move it to This way we have the best chance to provide you with uninterrupted service.

We are currently in the last stages of testing our new and improved blog. We are introducing tons of great new content and a new set of categories to help you find information on everything from SAT Test Prep to College Admissions Essay Writing and just about everything meaningful and pertinent to your education in between!

To keep up to date on these and other Quantum Prep developments, make sure to read our monthly “Tech Corner” on our blog or in our newsletter.

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