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Investing in tutoring represents a serious commitment to one’s academics and one’s life.

Quantum Prep is comprised of degreed, experienced, classroom educators, and our rates reflect an extraordinary value for the caliber of professional and level of effectiveness of our staff

Quantum Prep Tutoring Rates
Quantum Prep’s one-on-one, private tutoring and test prep rates reflect not only the quality of our individual educators, but that of our entire networked community of teachers, each of whom contribute to each and every student’s success.
We know there are tutors who charge less, but we’ll challenge you to find a teaching service that is more efficient and effective than Quantum Prep.
About Tutoring and Test Prep Rates
Tutoring rates are the number one deciding factor cited by parents when selecting a tutoring or test prep service provider. In combination with reputation and program methodology, rates are often a clear indicator of a tutoring programs quality and effectiveness.
Unfortunately, with so many program, packages and plans, getting clear, concise information to help you make tutoring rate comparisons is often difficult.For this reason Quantum Prep offers you a “Quick Quote” option and our lowest tutoring price guarantee.
Get Tutoring and Test Prep Rates
If you are a student or parent in Boston, Nashua, Worcester, Providence or any other of our many service areas, simply Complete the rates quote request form on this page and we’ll send a complete tutor price quote right to your inbox.

In addition, while your actual price may be lower than the initial quote, Quantum Prep guarantee’s that your price will never be higher and that all quotes are valid for up to 1 full calendar year!
College Admissions Consulting Rates
Because our College Admissions Consulting services are offered both comprehensively and a-la-carte, we are unable to offer College Admissions Consulting Quick Quotes at this time without additional information.
If you would like information regarding our college admissions consulting rates, please contact us

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