The Truth about Quantum Prep Tutoring and Test Prep | Quantum Prep

The Truth about Quantum Prep Tutoring and Test Prep

The Truth about Quantum Prep Tutoring and Test Prep

Watch and listen to real students and their parents share their experiences and describe the Quantum Prep Difference. Better than traditional tutoring companies, Quantum Prep is a teaching community comprised of real high school teachers and real university professors working together to mentor and support students as a team.


Corey Friedman: "I've never met someone who knows so much about anything, like if i needed help in any subject he was there for me."

Garrett Moore: "I think that's an approach that you don't get with a tutor, you only get with a teacher, and quantum prep offers teachers."

Patricia Berman: "Quantum Prep I think offers not just sort of like a targeted way of tutoring but an entry into an intellectual universe."

Jacob Engelstad: "I think with Quantum Prep comes the mindset of anything is possible. Quantum prep is not just about learning the actual material which you are presented, it's about learning how to learn that material."

Garrett Moore: "The Quantum Prep teacher helped walk me through the material in a way that was best for me to learn, we very quickly take a step back and the Quantum Prep teacher was fully prepared to offer essentially a mini lesson on that topic."

Patricia Berman: "Outside of a classroom setting, one on one was someone who really gets him goes at problems from multiple direction has the patience to keep looping back, working with somebody like that has really cultivated Jacob's passion."  

Jacob Engelstad: "Quantum Prep is more than just the tutors that make it up, I think it's the attitude that they bring, the general attitude of never settling for mediocrity."

Garrett Moore: "I was immediately learning a better way to approach my studies."

Corey Friedman: "They have experience in every single subject you could imagine."

Garrett Moore:  "You feel something greater than the immediate satisfaction with Quantum Prep, you don't only succeed on your homework question but you learn the tactics to apply what you've learned."

Corey Friedman: "You can't ask for better help."

Jacob Engelstad: "You're not going to find a more committed group of individuals."

Garrett Moore: "Honestly it helped me grow a lot more as a student, but ultimately as a professional as well.  It helped me gain both humility and confidence."

Patricia Berman: "We thought we'd be getting very targeted math tutoring but we've ended up with a life coach in a way for Jacob, I feel like there's somebody who's a friend and almost like a big brother and a motivator and a teacher simultaneously."

Corey Friedman: "You aren't just learning facts, you aren't just learning school things, normal things you learn in school, learning how to become a better person how to become a better student and how to succeed in life."
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