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Top 3 Social Media Posts of the Month

Last Updated on August 27, 2017
Elan Rochbert

Quantum Prep is more than a typical test prep or tutoring company. Quantum Prep is a community, a family of educators who are passionate and represent the very pinnacle of their respective fields.

We are scientists, mathematicians, programmers, artists, engineers but most importantly, we are teachers and teaching is sharing. So it should come as no surprise that as our program has evolved, we have become more involved with social media as a form of sharing our interests and ideas with each other, our students, their families and our friends.

When Quantum Prep began, we vowed to take private tutoring and teaching to the highest level of proficiency. We called it “Teaching Exceptionalism.” We worked together, as teachers, without the constraints normally associated with traditional education, and we discovered the possibilities and power of community teaching. All of us working together for each and every student.

With the help of our talented technology department we created tools to make this possible. We became a true “Networked Community” of teachers.

We are fortunate enough to live in an age in which direct communication and the exchange of ideas on a global scale is not only possible, it is easy and accessible.

Now our community is reaching out to you. If you are reading this, you too are now part of our community, and Quantum Prep would like to say “Welcome to the Neighborhood!”

But, instead of bringing you a house-warming gift of banana bread or a basket of fruit, we would like to offer you a hot fresh plate of some unusual, interesting, though-provoking, engaging, humorous but always entertaining social media.

So here are this month’s Top 3 Social Media posts. Feel free to share, re-tweet, plus one, like and comment to your heart’s content.

On Facebook: Scientists shed light on Near-Death Experiences

On Twitter: Maybe You Shouldn’t Bring Someone for Coffee on a Date

On Google +: Pentagon declares climate change an immediate risk to national security

We Love Socializing!
If there’s something you’d like to share with our teachers, our community or the world, we welcome you. Send us something interesting and we’ll be sure to follow and like you too!

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Elan Rochbert is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Boston, where his pursuit of a degree focused on Behavioral Neuroscience served as the roadmap for the university’s new Neuropsychology Degree.In 2006, Elan served as a lobbyist to the United States Congress on behalf of UNAIDS and AIDS Action. Most recently, he held a consulting position with Children’s Hospital Boston teaching Harvard Medical Residents interview tactics for adolescents and socially sensitizing instructional articles and information.As the Social Media Scientist for Quantum Prep, Elan uses QP’s internal and external social networking platforms to advocate, mediate and facilitate social networking software and communication structures for Quantum Prep’s teachers, staff and students.

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