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It’s Not Just A Job, It’s An Adventure

Last Updated on March 9, 2020
Solomon Berman

As this school year comes to a close, it’s already time to gear up for the next one. And, that starts with a moment of intense reflection and contemplation, to see what went well, and what we can do better for our students and their families in the next year.

One conclusion that I easily come to year after year is that the success of both Quantum Prep and its students is almost exclusively due to the caliber the teachers and tutors we are privileged to have as part of our faculty.


Boston is not without its fair share of great teachers.

In my career I have known many, many fine educators. There are literally dozens of Boston tutoring companies, hundreds if not thousands of Boston tutors and teachers, but Quantum Prep teachers are just different.

I’ve often been asked to describe what makes an “ideal” Quantum Prep tutor, and who I, as a Lead Teacher, would want to join our faculty. Certainly, some basic criteria come to mind:

  • Hold degrees and have training in both the subject matter, like chemistry or mathematics, and in education
  • Have had classroom experience and experience working with both adolescents and young adults
  • Ability to employ a varied set of teaching techniques, and possess the ability to adapt those techniques to the student being taught

These basic skills are the technical side of the craft, and the fact that our tutors have them all in stride already makes our faculty one of the best out there. As a Lead Teacher, though, I don’t just want a great faculty; I want the best. And it is here where our tutors shine.

Our teachers are eager, no, hungry to not only teach, but also to collaborate, to build, and to learn every day how to be better teachers. It’s the number one reason they chose Quantum Prep over other teaching organizations and the number one reason we chose them.

Ours is a faculty of pure teachers driven to work together, to learn from each other and to learn from you in order to fulfill one promise: Teaching Exceptionalism.

No quotas, no bureaucracy, and no administrations telling them what they can and cannot try or do. They work on any and every aspect that can affect a student’s academic performance. They know that great teachers must wear many hats:

  • A coach
  • A mentor
  • A guide
  • An advocate
  • A confidante
  • A sounding board
  • A friend
  • A part of the family

It’s these “intangibles” that Quantum Prep makes tangible. It’s what makes our tutors both special and powerful educators for our students.

The feedback from parents and students resonate so authentically who we are: Tutor Reviews

With those comments alone, submitted by our students and parents, the Quantum Prep edge clearly shines through.

But, it’s not just that grades improve, it’s the student’s confidence in their own ability to perform and their ability to set goals and achieve them that improves; something that is nearly impossible to cultivate in a classroom of 25 or 30!

While it’s true we are just beginning our summer tutoring, summer boot camps and summer SAT Prep, the new school year is already well within sight.

To our students and families I say, welcome, or in some cases, welcome back! Expect the best, expect results, and expect the unexpected. We are excited to learn and grow with you this year.

To our new teachers and tutors I say, get ready for one of the most rewarding experiences of your teaching careers. Get ready to tear down the walls between student and teacher, to reshape, redefine and relearn the adventure that is teaching.

And to our amazing and dedicated teaching faculty I say, thank you! Thank you for helping me to shape and to realize our dream of a better, more rewarding educational experience.

Thank you for your collaboration, your patience, your wisdom, your humility and your tireless and resilient commitment to all that is best in teaching.

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