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Tutoring Rates

Investing in tutoring represents a serious commitment to one’s academics and one’s life.

Quantum Prep is comprised of degreed, experienced, classroom educators, and our rates reflect an extraordinary value for the caliber of professional and level of effectiveness of our staff.

Goal-Oriented, Effective and Efficient Tutoring = Real Value


Quantum Prep Tutoring Rates

Quantum Prep’s one-on-one, private tutoring and test prep rates reflect not only the quality of our teachers, but that of our entire networked community of teachers, each of whom contribute to every student’s success.

We know there may be tutors who charge less per hour, but we’ll challenge you to find a teaching service that is more efficient, effective and ultimately a better value than Quantum Prep.

About Our Tutoring Rates

1- Goal Oriented with Customized Learning Plans

Our elite program is strategic, focused and customized to get the best result for each student. Nothing cookie-cutter and no packages.

2- Free Initial Evaluation

Quantum Prep offers every family a free initial evaluative session. In general, the purpose of the session is to determine the student’s strengths and challenges so that we can prepare an initial learning plan that outlines the best course of study to achieve the defined academic goal.

3- Travel is Included

Whether it is your home, the campus library or even your neighborhood coffee shop, Quantum Prep knows that working face-to-face in the proper environment is hands-down the most effective way to achieve success. Travel and travel time is already included in our rates.

To request a quote specific to your tutoring needs, simply go to our Tutoring Quote page.