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Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you tutor? How much does it cost? What do I bring? Will my tutor do my homework for me?

You have questions, we have answers. Below are answers to just a few of our most frequently asked questions.


What subjects do you tutor?

We provide tutoring for a full range of high school and college level academic subjects including mathematics, science, English, literature and other liberal arts.

Where do we meet for tutoring?

A location is decided between you and your tutor. We want to find a place where you will feel the most comfortable, so we can focus on the academic work in front of us. We do in-home tutoring, as well as at your university, local library, or other quiet public venue.

How long should each session be and how many will I need?

The initial determination is made by the student, your Quantum Prep teacher, the support teachers and the supervising lead teacher based on the results of the initial student evaluation performed during the student’s first session.

As each student has unique challenges, strengths and goals, each student’s learning plan is uniquely developed to deliver the most effective program for that student.

This “initial learning plan” will include the frequency, duration and total number of sessions recommended to reach a student’s goals. This learning plan is a living document that is frequently analyzed and amended to reflect the student’s progress.

What should I expect from my tutoring session?

We want to provide you the best opportunity to succeed. We will not only assist you with the subject material, but also discuss your study habits, study environment, organizational skills, time management and how best to prepare for both assignments and exams.

We also provide non-subject based support. Any stress or frustration that challenges your love of learning or your desire to succeed is important for us to identify and overcome.

What tutors will do:

  • Bring a positive and encouraging attitude
  • Be on time and prepared
  • Design each session specifically for each student’s “learning style”
  • Be mindful of the learning goals and keep all parties informed of progress
  • Address any and all obstacles to learning success
  • Provide free student e-mail support
  • Provide free parent/tutor conferences as required
  • Attend Parent/Teacher Conferences or Meetings (as schedule permits)
  • Attend IEP TEAM Meetings (as schedule permits)

 What tutors won’t do:

  • Do your homework for you
  • Show up late or cancel without reasonable cause or without contacting you
  • Make you feel hurried, frustrated or humiliated
  • Give you unreasonable amounts of work
  • Spend your session time doing other things (i.e. personal calls, web surfing, etc…)

What if I need to cancel? Or if my tutor needs to cancel?

Cancellations happen. In general, both tutor and student are expected to give 24 hours’ notice for cancellation.

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